About Us

Over the past twenty-eight years, Hunt & Palmer have risen to become a respected provider in bespoke air charter. We like to think this is because we have a certain way of doing things, certain professional standards, a certain integrity.

Our reputation for always solving our clients’ problems, however complex or unusual, continues to set us apart. Recently, a client working in the USA had her bag, containing her passport, stolen the night before she was due to fly back to the UK. When we heard she might have to delay her departure, we contacted the relevant agencies, providing copies of her documents, and negotiated with the authorities so she was able to fly home as planned.

It’s this kind of extraordinary service that comes from truly valuing the relationships we have with our clients and the global network of aviation experts we have built over the years.

Experience the Hunt & Palmer service for yourself and discover a new standard in bespoke air charter – a service above all.

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