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  • Cargo Newsletter 4th Oct 2018

    4th October 2018: 4th Oct 2018 Cargo News IATA: Demand Remains Stable But Trade Tensions A Concern Trade tensions remain a key unknown – with potentially... Read More

  • Cargo Newsletter 19th Sept 2018

    19th September 2018: 19th Sept 2018 Cargo News Istanbul New Airport Goes Live on October 31 Important – it opens on the 31st October & Atatürk... Read More

  • Cargo Newsletter 5th Sept 2018

    5th September 2018: 5th Sept 2018 Cargo News B777F Boom Continues As AeroLogic Adds Another Freighter Lufthansa Cargo & DHL Express behind the acquisition     Air China Plans... Read More

  • Cargo Newsletter 24 August 2018

    24th August 2018: 24 August 2018   Cargo News   China’s New Air Cargo Receives Green Light for Cargo Operations See details of only all cargo operator in... Read More

  • Cargo Newsletter 8 August 2018

    8th August 2018: 08 Aug 2018   Cargo News   Egyptair Cargo Takes Delivery of EFW A330-00P2F Ideal aircraft for serving the international regional and medium range cargo... Read More

  • Cargo Newsletter 25 July 2018

    25th July 2018: 25 July 2018   Cargo News   Who Do You Think Are The Top Cargo Airlines? Click to see the top-ranked cargo airlines     The B777-200F Conversion... Read More

  • Cargo Newsletter 11 July 2018

    11th July 2018: 11 July 2018   Cargo News   Putting a Smile on the BelugaXL’s Face Click to see the biggest, brightest, beaming Beluga XL…     NAM & Astral Add... Read More

  • Cargo Newsletter 27 June 2018

    27th June 2018: CARGO NEWS HEADLINES   24 New Aircraft to Modernise Courier Fleet As Profits Grow $6.6bn Boeing order for 2 designs B747 Conversions No Answer... Read More

  • Cargo Newsletter 14 June 2018

    14th June 2018: CARGO NEWS HEADLINES     Airbus’ Beluga XL – All Shook Up Beluga XL’s Intensive Vibrations Indonesia’s Cardig Air Adds To Freighter Fleet Newly leased... Read More

  • Cargo Newsletter 30 May 2018

    30th May 2018: CARGO NEWS HEADLINES Shippers and Forwarders Fear Repeat of Last Year’s Air Freight Capacity Crisis Shippers and forwarders on the hunt... Read More

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