International Cooperation for The Mummy


July saw the long awaited release of global action-thriller The Mummy starring Tom Cruise. The film had been many months in the planning but for Hunt & Palmer their first involvement came at the start of 2016 when their aviation film coordinator client approached the Cargo Charters team seeking assistance with a covert project.

With an intriguing prospect afoot, four months of comprehensive discussions and in-depth planning ensued, including pre-inspection of a remote airstrip within Namibia to ensure that the aircraft could land and operate safely. The approval process to fly within the country was incredibly lengthy and complex involving many meetings with the civil aviation authority.

Senior Cargo Broker Stuart Donaldson leading the project, persisted tirelessly to ensure the operation could be made possible. Commenting on the role Donaldson played, director Jamie Peters said, “Stuart’s close and daily coordination with our aviation specialist client ensured that every eventuality had been covered.”

The aircraft initially positioned into Walvis Bay to be temporarily painted in a water based solution resembling military colours. Once this was applied the aircraft was able to fly to the remote location the film Directors’ had chosen for its magnificent backdrop. During five days the aircraft was photographed, performed three landings and circuits, allowing the film crew opportunities to shoot the footage they required.

Upon completion of filming, the paint solution was removed from the aircraft before de-positioning to its next commercial operation. Our aviation film Coordinator remarked, “The Hercules operation was sensational. The aircraft, the crew and attention to the overall contract was above and beyond.”

Donaldson commented, “This project was certainly one of the most challenging, yet when an international team pulls together there is a great sense of satisfaction when complete.”

Posted on Friday 28th July 2017

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