Fast Reaction To Devastating Mexico Earthquake, Hurricane Irma and Rohingya Crisis


Following the recent earthquake in Mexico, Hunt & Palmer Cargo Charters have once again been called upon to facilitate multiple flights to transport humanitarian aid into the region in support of the emergency relief work being undertaken there.

This latest requirement for the services of Hunt & Palmer’s air freight specialists comes just weeks after they were involved in similar operations to fly medical supplies, food and shelter to the thousands of people left destitute in the aftermath of the devastating Irma hurricane and Rohingya crisis.

HUNT & PALMER CARGO HELPS TO BRING RELIEF AID TO THOUSANDSCommenting on his team’s involvement in the latest crises, director Jamie Peters said, “Our people are always available 24/7 to react swiftly to this sort of short notice charter requirement and this is one of our key strengths. Another is our extensive and in depth knowledge of the world’s fleets, ensuring that we know where to find the right aircraft type for any specific task, quickly and efficiently.”

With any charter flight a reliable, on-time performance is expected however when people’s lives are at stake that requirement is absolutely essential. Taking up the narrative further, Peters explains, “The urgency of these particular situations requires an extremely rapid response from the moment the enquiry is received. Every flight has to be coordinated at very short notice and using reputable carriers is key to achieving this. The relationship we have with the major airlines means that Hunt & Palmer are ideally placed to work with the operators and this together with our team’s close involvement coordinating the flights operations and their dedication to getting the job done ensures that these lifesaving supplies are delivered to the disaster area as soon as is practically possible.”

Fellow director and group chairman, Jeremy Palmer added, “We are pleased that once again, we have been instrumental in helping to bring the relief supplies to populations so terribly affected by these natural disasters. The Hunt & Palmer group has a long history of supporting humanitarian aid and refugee relief operations around the world and Jamie and I are very proud of our broking teams who work tirelessly on these occasions to source the aircraft and get them in the air as quickly as possible. It is particularly difficult at this time of year to find suitable cargo aircraft, as availability in the 4th quarter of the year tends to be pretty tight so the team has done amazingly well here.”

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Posted on Wednesday 18th October 2017

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