As one of the most desirable charter locations on the planet, this really is a yachting paradise, from islands with 365 beaches to the most exclusive and private bays for that true escape, the Caribbean has it all. Form the Leeward and Windward Islands, to Guatemala, Venezuela and beyond there is a unique experience awaiting you.

The Windward Islands

The Windward Islands in the south eastern Caribbean, are a very special cruising destination. Benefiting from the north eastern trade winds, they include Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent, The Grenadines and Grenada. Tropical scenery, fantastic beaches, remote anchorages and hidden coves: a perfect destination

The Grenadines consist of more than 30??? islands sandbars and cays and but fewer than a dozen of these islands are populated. A large part of the islands are covered in rainforest, where banana and coconut palms grow. In the beautiful coastal waters, there are sea urchins, turtles and a huge variety of fish The northern part of St. Vincent is mountainous with certain areas only accessible by boat and home to the highest peak, La Soufrière, which is an active volcano.

Bequia is the largest and most developed island of the Grenadines, with an intriguing mix of native Bequians, many of whom can trace their ancestry directly back to the islands earliest inhabitants in the 18th century. The stunning, tiny island of Canouan, renowned for its beautiful white beaches, is just five square miles and was formerly a community of sailors, who are still immensely proud of their heritage as boat builders and fishermen.

Barbados is bustling and sophisticated with abundant with exotic locations, interesting wildlife and an exciting history. The extensive variety of culture, activities and sports make this island a true gem in the Caribbean.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas are no more than 100 miles off the Florida coast, and made up of over 700 islands and 2000 cays, enjoying a warm climate all year round. The natural beauty of the water extends to the thousands of miles of shoreline, which has some of the world’s most stunningly beautiful and unblemished beaches.

Visit cosmopolitan Nassau with its abundance of shops, golf courses, museums and restaurants or experience the dive of a lifetime, exploring wreck sites off the coast of San Salvador. Visit Inagua National Park for the unforgettable spectacle of nesting flamingos or if you’ve come in search of paradise, indulge a tranquil cruise through the Exumas’ 160 km-long string of pristine cays.