Why are we “Celebrating You @30”?

This year Hunt & Palmer are proud to be celebrating 30 years as one of the most dependable and respected companies in the air charter industry.  To mark this momentous milestone, we would like to extend a huge Thank You to all our customers and partners who have supported us over the years.

The industry has changed a great deal during that time but the one thing that has remained constant has been the support of our people, customers and partners, and we value each and every one of you. We have a number of promotions planned for the coming months all focussed around you, without whom we would not be where we are today!

What better way to start the celebrations than by sharing with you some of the most bizarre, funny and surprising requests we have received from you over the years and some of the more unusual cargo you have asked us to carry!

Whatever you want, we deliver... however unusual…

Pet Power!

Pet Power!

We all know how much our pets mean to us, and in 2010 a high profile figure asked our Australian team to fly their dog from Australia to their super yacht anchored near a small island off the coast of Papua New Guinea. They had flown their pet from the USA to Australia on their own Gulfstream GV as they couldn’t bear to be without her on holiday!

One Step Beyond?

In a hurry for a meeting?

Travelling light?

Perfect tipple?

When we go further for less

Always good in a crisis…..

Close Escapes

Close Escapes

Beirut - During the 2007 Beirut crisis we evacuated a number of Goldman Sachs employees from Beirut across the border into Syria and on to the UK in a Learjet 60.

Libya - During the 2011 “Arab Spring” we chartered enough planes to safely evacuate 36,000 people from Libya. We arranged 180 flights over a 9 month period which works out at around 5 flights per week.

West Africa - An oil company client chartered a jet to rescue hostages being held in West Africa. As they had no idea when they would be released, the aircraft had to park nearby and wait until eventually the hostages were freed and able to be flown back safely to Europe.

Moving cargo stories…..

Endangered elephants!

Endangered elephants!

With the help of our man in Japan (Yoshi Nagano) we were called upon to help a rescue of 17 elephants in a game reserve in Africa, where they exceeded the numbers allowed. Consequently, they were due to be put down as there were too many on the reserve. We rapidly organised all the essential aircraft and associated logistical elements to ensure they were whisked away just in time to a new home across the Atlantic.

Flight of discovery….

Digging deep!

Building bridges!

Tall tales!

Too close for comfort?

Flying home for Christmas?

Top this cheesy story!

World calling Delhi!

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