East Mediterranean

The eastern Mediterranean has so much to offer when chartering a luxury yacht. With the thousands of Greek Islands, Turkey and beyond all at your command you can experience this unique world filled with stunning natural beauty and ancient history.

Greece – Greek islands

Greece is a popular destination, with its combination of natural beauty and ancient history the country is understandably one of the world’s favoured cruising areas.

The two principle areas in Greece to consider are the serene waters of the Aegean or the picturesque Ionian west coast which includes Corfu, Paxos, Levkas, Cephalonia and Zante, and the Cyclades islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Delas and closer to Turkey, Simi and Kastellorizon, with each island having a charm, and personality of its own.

TIMING: With warm sunshine from April to November you can avoid the crowds and rediscover Europe’s oldest civilisation.
When to go: June – mid July; September
High season: June – mid July

Croatia & Montenegro

The beautiful and unspoilt Dalmatian coast offers family fun and adventure, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, watersports, National Parks, fantastic restaurants and much more. One can spend the day relaxing in an isolated bay, followed by a warm summer night in a bustling port town with vibrant nightlife.

Discover beautiful Croatia and Montenegro; with hundreds of remote islands and unspoilt scenery to explore. Crystal-clear waters, breathtaking landscapes, charming ports, there is something for everyone.

Dive in a beautiful turquoise sea teeming with marine life, wander cobbled streets in picturesque villages and towns full of history. Enjoy authentic cuisine at a small family-owned restaurant, a gourmet meal by candlelight, or simple fresh fish caught that morning.

TIMING: April – end of October High season: July – August