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Private Aircraft Charter for Business


For busy professionals, private charter flights offer diverse benefits: quicker check-ins, faster transit times, arriving at one's destination refreshed, complete discretion, the ability to work productively and the opportunity to visit multiple locations in one trip.


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Charter Any Size Aircraft You Need


Charter private aircraft from one person to a group charter for hundreds of people, we have the capability to charter any size aircraft you need. Our expert and experienced team are on-hand 24/7 to assist you with your enquiries.


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Private Aircraft Charter For Leisure

Private jet charter takes away the usual stress of travelling, making your leisure flight a truly enjoyable experience. Charter a jet with complete discretion, privacy and luxury for you, your family, friends and pets.  Access more locations around the world with faster check-ins and private terminals, enjoy minimal time-wastage and avoid all the usual airport queues.  Giving you more time to enjoy your visit. chartering a private jet puts the pleasure back into air travel.


Call us today with your travel criteria; your departure, your destination, the number of passengers travelling and the amount of luggage. With this information, we can quickly quote you a competitive price.


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Private Aircraft Charter and COVID-19 Safety Measures


Deep cleaning of aircraft at base after each trip and cabin cleaning after each sector is standard practice using approved cleaning products. On this note, some smaller business aviation airports only accept aircraft that have been cleaned by third parties with a valid certificate of cabin disinfection. We will supply details of FBO cleaning if required when booked.


Many countries require health declaration forms to be filled out by passengers as specified by each country’s entry requirements prior to travel.

Many operators have removed Flight attendants where they not legally required, maximizing space on board and minimising risk.


All crew members are fully briefed in hygiene precautions and additional hygiene products are available on each flight. Indeed, with some operators, we can request crew to wear PPE at all times if the passengers desire it.


Restricted catering on board. For example, sealed items only. Some operators are not offering any catering at present, except for the standard dry stocks kept on board. Other operators are implementing their own set of regulations with their caterings supplier to ensure hygiene standards are met.


We can request PPE to be provided for passengers, including plenty of hand sanitisation products made available. We can also request cabin amenities such as blankets, linens, bedding to be professionally cleaned prior to each use.


Physical distancing implemented within the Business Aviation Terminals to reduce contact with other passengers/airport workers and crew as much as possible. Utilising controlled zones, and minimizing the presence of unnecessary workers in the terminal.


Regular sterilisation by the staff of touchpoints through the terminal along with hand-cleanser stations throughout the terminal. We can provide details of Private Terminal procedures if requested.


The situation is changing rapidly; operators will be able to provide details of exact procedures undertaken prior to any flight. Once we have selected the most suitable operator and aircraft for your trip, we can provide a comprehensive and up to date description of the cleaning procedure and safeguarding measures in force.


Call Us: + 44 1293 558000


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