South Pacific & Australasia

Sailing among the islands of the South Pacific, or around the stunning coastline of Australia or into the majesty of New Zealand with all its natural beauty and wonders, creates amazing memories for all to share. We have yacht charter opportunities to meet your every desire in this immense region of our blue planet.

Imagine luxury yacht charter itinerary around the Pacific Rim including scuba diving along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, experiencing New Zealand’s majestic Marlborough Sound wine region, sharing times with the indigenous peoples of Fiji, or relaxing among the calm, sun scorched waters of Tahiti. We have a vast array of luxury motor and sailing yachts of all types and sizes, with itineraries to calm the busiest of soul and satisfy the adventurers among you.

The possibilities on an Australian yacht charter are infinite, as you can imagine with a country of its size and coastline so vast. Due to its scale, its best to consider chartering by territories such Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns which are among the more popular of choices when chartering a luxury yacht in Australia.

Chartering a yacht in New Zealand you can experience some of the finest natural sailing grounds on the planet and encounter some unique wildlife and stunning scenery.

Its as if the South Pacific Ocean specifically created for a relaxing yacht charter and in particular, both Fiji and Tahiti make a once in a lifetime experience. Fiji consists of over 332 islands, of which 110 are inhabited. Tahiti is part of the Windward group of French Polynesia and is broadly spread across 2,500,000 square km of ocean and make for a remarkable Pacific yacht charter experience. The region is renowned for its diversity of marine life, ancient history and the warmth of its peoples.