Why Private Yacht Charter?

Flexibility and freedom to go where you want, when you want; a yacht can give you a new horizon every day, visit places few others get to see, and all in the most unashamed luxury.

If you like where you are staying, then stay longer, if you wish to see something else, change the plan, your skipper can create the most interesting itinerary, based around you, and discuss options with you should you decide to make a change. Invite friends, colleagues or anyone you like onboard, throw a party, visit the sites, or just relax in peace and tranquility.

Food & Drink: As always on a private yacht, your personal chef can tailor menus as you wish, from a galley stocked with all the items you have requested and suit your palate.

Entertainment and facilities, vary from yacht to yacht extending from by cabin i-docking systems, to complete surround sound theatres, even cinemas, and there are, of course the water toys. From slides that run from the upper deck to the sea, jet skis, wave runners, sailing dinghies, and even full submersible submarines. Diving gear, kayaks, gymnasiums, inflatable’s, wake boards, sea bobs, wet suits and much more. Of course, the toys available depend very much on the individual yachts, and there are restrictions on what can be used in certain locations. It may also be a requirement for users of some equipment to hold a PWC personal watercraft certificate.