Olympic Gold for Hunt & Palmer

Air charter specialist Hunt & Palmer have confirmed a number of private jet flights to Sochi on behalf of teams competing at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.

Announcing this latest development Hunt & Palmer’s Sports Charter Manager Steve Musgrave said, “With so few direct flights operating to Sochi from outside Russia, private charter is the ideal solution for anyone wishing to avoid the time and inconvenience of transferring ‘planes in Moscow or St. Petersburg. This is another example of our ability to meet the more unconventional travel arrangements these events often demand”.

Hunt & Palmer is a well known brand in the sports travel market and regularly provide aircraft for travellers to many of the world’s major sporting events.

Musgrave further commented, “Sports teams often travel with a good deal of equipment, much of which is oversized or specialist and this can present problems on scheduled flights so we have sourced aircraft capable of meeting these requirements, providing the right mix of passenger seats and luggage capacity.”

In addition to the teams themselves, Hunt & Palmer are also handling a number of requirements of sports tour operators who are looking at options for corporate sponsors travelling to the event.

发表于 Monday 10th June 2013

HUNT & PALMER提供定制私人飞机和商务飞机服务