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When the world appears to be pressing home the new in-flight cabin ban on electronics such as laptops, iPads and more, what does this mean for the business traveller who needs to keep on working?

For the UK, from March 25 at the latest, passengers will not be able to carry large electronic devices in hand luggage on all inbound flights direct from Turkey, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Passengers are to be banned from carrying electrical items including laptops, tablets and DVD players onto flights to the UK from six countries. The ban applies to any device, including mobiles and smart phones, larger than 16cm long, 9.3cm wide or 1.5cm deep.

With the US, UK and other countries following with bans on laptops in the cabin on flights, many business travellers who depend on the flight to give them time to work, are now being denied it. This not only has a knock-on effect wasted time, it also impairs the ability for many to be able take the essential equipment overseas for presentations, meetings and continued work. Many people are simply going to avoid taking their essential work tools such as laptops on those routes most affected. One traveller at Dubai International Airport returning to the UK was refused the ability to return with his computer as he had no hold luggage option suitable for it.

The Solution for Real Business Travellers:

For people already recognising the time saving and convenience factor of private air charter, the new rulings simply don’t apply, therefore business can continue as normal. Private air charter offers the ability for passengers to not only continue to work with their computers in-flight, often they are able to connect to Wi-Fi during the flight itself, meaning they are continually connected.

When you combine the benefits of this, and that they can continue with business as normal, as well having the added benefits of speed, convince at airport terminals and security, along with improved safety and security in flight, the case for private charter is growing.

As a leading private jet charter company, Hunt & Palmer expect to see a real increase in demand for their services over the next few weeks. Founding director and company chairman Jeremy Palmer has said that, “The security issues surrounding large numbers of flying passengers carrying these types of electronics devices is clear however many business travellers have come to rely on the “office in the sky” and the potential loss of this facility will impact on them considerably.”

“For this reason, those currently travelling in first class on scheduled flights for business, whether as a small team group or as individuals, will now look to consider the added benefits of private charter, as many already do. It allows them to simply fly off at their total convenience and to work on with their devices in a more conducive environment”.

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We believe that the in cabin travel ban on laptops will not affect the private air charter space, however we will continue to monitor the situation.

发表于 Thursday 30th March 2017

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