Hunt & Palmer taking bookings from Russian supporters for Olympics 2012

Supporters of the Russian and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Olympic teams will not have to worry about missing out on supporting their team at London 2012 despite the predicted air travel chaos at major UK airports.

 Hunt & Palmer is offering sports fans in the region the opportunity to book a private jet for parties of up to 10 people, with departures from a wide choice of airports, including Moscow, Kiev and Almaty.  Flying into London City and other regional airports where there is less congestion and good transport links to the Olympic venues is recommended.

Flights can return on the same day, avoiding the need for overnight accommodation, meaning massive savings for the visitor.  Accommodation costs are expected to increase, and availability to be scarce in London and the surrounding areas throughout the event.

The added benefit of a private charter means that the aircraft can wait on the ground if an event overruns.

Tatiana Chernyavskaya , Business Development Manager for the region at Hunt & Palmer commented:

“We are delighted to be able to assist clients in Russia and the CIS countries with travel to the Olympics in London this year. This is a major event for athletes from the region many of whom are already Gold medal holders.  Whilst the signs are that it is becoming increasingly difficult to travel to the UK during the event period we are able to offer very flexible, privately chartered travel to work around any schedule or route.”

Tickets to individual London 2012 events are not included.  For further information, a quote or to make a booking contact Hunt & Palmer, tel: +44 1293 558000
or email [email protected].

publicado el Wednesday 16th May 2012