20 Years of Aircraft Charters, Rock & Roll!

August 2014 will be a big month for specialist aircraft charter broking company Premier Aviation UK Ltd who are celebrating 20 years’ service to the music and entertainment industry this month.

Founding director and industry stalwart Adrian Whitmarsh said, “Over the last two decades Premier Aviation has built an enviable reputation with some of the world’s greatest performers including the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Ozzy Osbourne and most recently Miley Cyrus and the Rolling Stones to name but a few. Many of these major artists have remained regular and loyal clients, returning to us time and again for their tour and personal air charter requirements.”

Premier Aviation have been part of the Hunt & Palmer PLC Group since 2011 with the benefits that brings to both organisation and clients alike. Group Chairman Jeremy Palmer commented, “As a part of a larger aviation company, Premier Aviation’s clients enjoy a global support network and the increased buying power that Hunt & Palmer have with the world’s leading aircraft operators. In addition we can offer a wide range of other air transport services – such as cargo chartering – which complement the Premier Aviation offering.”

Whitmarsh is also keen to highlight his company’s proven credentials, “I believe that when we started Premier Aviation 20 years ago we were the first aircraft broking company dedicated to music and entertainment and although others have tried to copy our model since, we are still the premium choice for many tour managers, record companies and artists,” he says.

Jeremy Palmer adds, “Beware of copycats! Only last week a relative newcomer to the aircraft charter business claimed publicly that they had recently set up the industry’s first music and entertainment division, which is clearly not the case, so I would urge people to check carefully any claims made by such businesses before booking their travel arrangements with them”.

Emphasising the importance of the company’s expertise and the attention to detail needed for a successful operation Whitmarsh concludes,” When musicians go on tour, there are significant logistical challenges in moving people and equipment from country to country in a specific time frame. I am proud to say that Premier Aviation is recognised throughout the rock, pop and classical music industry as providing exceptional service to our clients throughout our first 20 years and we shall continue to do so for the next”.

publicado el Monday 28th July 2014