Evacuation & Humanitarian Relief

Responding to the human need

When it comes to the safety, security and certainty of people within any challenging situation, depend on one name – Hunt & Palmer.

Whether it’s natural disasters, civil unrest or war, our vastly experienced emergency team is always ready to help and advise on the most appropriate action for evacuations or urgently needed humanitarian relief. We can rapidly deploy aircraft and organise essential logistics, as well as helping obtain all the permits and clearances required and much more.

You and the lives of others can absolutely depend on us to ensure that the human cost of such catastrophes is minimised.

When you need us, we’ll be there. Call our emergency team 24/7.

Our Cargo Sales Agents


Yoshi (Yoshihiro) Nagano
c/o Cargo Specialists Inc
+81 (0) 42 495 2525
e: [email protected]


David Williams
c/o Wexco
+61 2 9317 5888
e: [email protected]

China & Hong Kong

Windy Liu
c/o Galaxy Air Cargo Service
+86 139 1714 9756
e: [email protected]


e: [email protected]

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