Film Production & Music Tour Support

Sectors where time pressures and the need for flexibility make air charter invaluable, are surely the film, media and music industries.

Often with months of advance and detailed planning, the flight to move essential musical equipment between cities is a key ingredient in a successful tour.

From summer festivals to global tours, executive jets for your leading lady to helicopters for reporters wishing to make the evening news, there isn’t a situation we haven’t encountered. For more than 30 years, Hunt & Palmer have been at the forefront of providing reliable air charter for the media and entertainment industries.

We also provide passenger air travel for the Entertainment Industry. Click here for more details.

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Film, TV & Media

When you need absolute flexibility, dependability and budget efficiency, look to Hunt & Palmer.

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Music & Entertainment

We have the the trusted experience to make your global tours and concerts go perfectly to plan.

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China & Hong Kong

Windy Liu
c/o Galaxy Air Cargo Service
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